André Clouet millésime 2002


For those among us grown up in a house where eating is a time for shared pleasure and enjoyment, a common thing in Spain, to migrate to a country where that is not part of the culture of the average home could be a reason to miss home. If we add to this a certain passion for wine, the suffering could be doubled.

Taking into account the sad situation that our country is living, this happens to be a fairly common situation. For those who, like me, decided to move to the United Kingdom or any other European country with influences from the Old Continent, the situation is  not so bad. I could even say that is brilliantly good and, in many sense, better than in our home country. Here you can find most of the things you could need, although some times with higher prices and lower quality. Moreover, I could say that the wine offer is more ample than that you can find in Spanish cities. Not being a wine-producing country, the United Kingdom has been historically one of the major importers of fine wines. Actually many of the classical regions has been shaped by the british taste. This traduces in many wine shops, many available wines, and very reasonable prices.

Today we have a bottle of one of our favourite beverages: Champagne. A bottle of the very enjoyable and affordable Andre Clouet, in its 2002 vintage. Just remember here that in the french region of Champagne, most of the wines are non-vintage. They come from an assembly of different vintages that, year after year, produce the uniform quality and style that represents the producer. In those years good enough to produce fine wines (this depends very much on the producer itself) like 2002, millesime (french for vintage) wines are produced.

Clouet produces this wine in Bouzy, a village popular for its Pinot Noir, variety quite evident while tasting the wine.  The fact is that we have here an eleven-year old wine. We can perceive the past of time in a clean and piercing nose that gives way to a creamy mouth with read fruit nuances. Still sparkling enough to feel like a young wine, the wine already shows some evident notes of ageing. It will be interesting to see where does it gets. Right now is a fine and voluptuous sparkling wine, in a good moment.


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