Forey Vosne-Romanee 2002, six years later

It is always interesting to check how a wine evolves in bottle. In this case we are going to have a look at a burgundian red that we tasted in 2007. We are talking about the Regis Forey’s Vosne-Romanée village, that gave us a good impression in that time. A style of wine that we really appreciate.

We already talked about Forey’s style, a distinct style, of masculine wines that need time, always talking about Vosne standards. Time that has passed for this bottle of ours, even more taking into account that we are talking about a village wine. Eleven years should be plenty of time for this wine to reach its optimum. Actually it could be too much time. In our defence, let us say that 2002 was a popular vintage. A year just one step below 1999 and 2005 if we trust the critics and the market appreciation. We talk about wines that in their origins showed plenty of fruit and acidity, and a medium to full body.

So, regarding to our last time with this, the wine shows a similar colour. The nose feels more vinous, more sensual, with dried fruits (cherries) and flowers. The barrel contribution is quite merged with the rest of the aromas. It is not obvious to separate them from the rest, and they are definitively more on the balsamic side than on the sweet one. It opens slowly in the glass. If too cold, it feels thin and coarse in the mouth due to the acidity and the medium body. However, when it reaches the right temperature we can find a nice balance and persistence.

Nice nose. Balanced but not great mouth. Still alive.  

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