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That old tramp – Monte Real Reserva 1981

To be true, we do not really know how this bottle ended up in our cellar. What we are sure about is that we have no clue about its cellaring conditions before that. It arrived in a deteriorated box with some other wines. Old Riojas all of them, from traditional wineries (CVNE, Paternina, Muga). Kind of the usual spanish collection of wines during the eighties if you want. Let us see what this old guy has to tell us.

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Givry, Joblot, and the 2004/05 vintages

Some time ago we talked about Domaine Joblot’s Clos de la Servoisine red in its 2004 vintage. That was seven years ago, and we would like to recall that memory while checking the current state of this Givry wine. Moreover, we have the chance to compare with a 2005 vintage bottle. Should we find clues about how such different vintages can affect this burgundian cru?

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